Sarah’s eye for beauty is unprecedented and one of a kind. She honed her creative and intuitive skills by working as a retail manager, fashion designer, buyer, and stylist in Toronto for over two decades. Finding her panache for fashion design at a young age, Sarah’s work and designs quickly developed a devoted following as they effortlessly embodied current trend demands while keeping in mind a woman’s need for fit, flatter, and fabulousness.

Sarah’s desire for beautiful photography came a close second to her passion for loveliness in textiles and design. She took up photography in her early twenties to capture images, moments, and feelings that she was not able to find in the photographic works of the time. Her “intuitive sense of imagery and ability to see what others do not,” has garnered her photography ardent fans who eagerly await each series. 

In recent years, Sarah became inspired by the idea to translate her vision for awe-inspiring photographic moments into something tangible for her clients. She wanted to create works of art that the viewer could “hold onto and feel; something they could find themselves enraptured by and wrapped within.” To this end, Sarah created her most recent collection, “wearable art”, consisting of her most prized photographs of nature, design and life, encompassing the beauty of the world. She has carefully emblazoned on luxuriously soft scarves that make the wearer actually feel wrapped in the warm embrace of beauty. Due to popular demand, she later translated this artwork into pillows and prints helping the house become a home with heartfelt feelings rather than just a place. 

Sarah is excited to be embarking on the next chapter of her career with the launch of the Sarah Kennedy Collection, which takes her love of fashion and all things beautiful online. Her retail experience and solid business partnerships in the industry enabled her to curate the best of Canadian and International fashion. The Sarah Kennedy Collection consists of the brands she loves most and she’s confident you’ll love them too.

“My motto is, ‘if you don’t love it, leave it,’ and I’ll work harder to find you an item you can’t live without. Don’t forget I’m available to answer all your fashion questions and provide the advice you need to find your best look and the perfect fit. Enjoy my new website.”

Happy shopping!